Aflik Electro Call Log Mobile Software

Aflik Electro Call Log Mobile Software 3.0

Silently copies all Call Log Activity on Target device and uploads them to Panel
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Call Log Mobile Software
Silently copies all Call Log Activity on the Target device and uploads them to the online panel. You will receive a list of all incoming and outgoing phone numbers, direction, contact name and date, time.

- Records Call Log activity on Target device
- Application managed via online panel
- No logs or traces of any kind
- Internet is required on Target device
- Software uploads data via Internet to Online Panel
- Hidden in App Manager (Exclusive feature)

Software is installed by simply typing a URL on the browser of the device. Once installed the software will automatically start uploading Call Log activity every10 - 15 minutes. You can manage the application via the Online Panel at any time.

Product Details

Call Log Monitor software enables you to intercept the Call Logs of the Target device. The software once installed will start running in the background and silently copies all Logs and uploads them to the Online Panel. The application monitors for sorts of calls such Incoming, Outgoing, Missed and conference calls. As soon as the calls as are completed the application records the phone number, direction and contact name. This data is uploaded using the internet connection on device (WAP, 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, Wi-fi) to the online panel. All data is displayed on the panel for your analysis.

To monitor online calls such as Skype and Viber please view Skype Monitor or Viber Mobnitor.

You can activate / deactivate the software via the control panel at any time. There are no limitations of any kind on number of time of setup, re-use till the validity of the license.

Output received:
- Incoming or Outgoing Call Number
- Name of contact (if available in phone book)
- Data and Time of Call Log Activity

This data can be exported from the online panel.

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